“Italian seascape paintings” Miriam checked on her computer and pictures of blue and turquoise waters appeared, star fish and giant palm trees, moons and stars. This wasn’t her sea. Miriam’s sea is at times sweet, at times fiery, it curls up and it subsides under the clear skies that was look at it. Italian seascape paintings, Miriam thought, but sometimes she asks herself if it’s ever possible to portrait a sea and every time she looks for it and try. Every sea has its own story, its movements, its own waves or its own whirlpools, Miriam’s own is a calm sea, it was her dream sea when she was still a teen and what she always finds in her italian seascape paintings of Alassio, is a sea of sweet walls.

Alassio al molo

Notturno Alassio

Ricciolo Alassino

Spiaggia Alassio

Mare e spiaggia

Mare e scogli

Mare di notte

Mare con gabbiani