Window exhibition in MIlan - Alassio

She was born in Milan where she graduates from the academy of Belle Arti of Brera, and she attended architecture department in Milan polytechnic. She had masters like Defilippi, Bodini and Veronesi. She was very encouraged by these characters, she started her own activity of a painter at 18 years old with a first personal show at the Galleria “Le Firme” in Milan, from there she had many others during the years, much more in Italy and even abroad. Il Corriere della Sera and other main italian magazines, dedicated a big service and interviews to her in personal shows and events and in particular on portraits, a theme that she is particularly busy on. In 1998, she opened her studio-gallery in Milan in Alazia Naviglio Grande 40. In 2003, she opened the second studio-gallery at Alassio, a city where she is particularly connected to in via volta 38. In 2017, she opened her own exhibition window in via ripa di porta ticinese 33 and she joined to her creations the idea to purpose printed and stamped original copies to satisfy client demands from a wide public. Every artwork, either an original painting or a retouched printing, it’s guaranteed by an authenticated certificate, signed by the artist.
Exhibition showcase Milano

Via Alzaia Naviglio Grande 40, Milano

Exhibition showcase Alassio

Via Volta 38, Alassio (Savona)

Exhibition showcase a Milano

Ripa di Porta Ticinese 33, Milano